About Us

Your dream, our passion!!!

Being born in the Algarve, we are passionate about our region and always feel very proud to welcome those who come to visit the Algarve, the sunny southern region of Portugal and more so when our region is chosen for such a special moment in a couple’s lives.

We are also very passionate about what we do. Planning, organizing and coordinating weddings is one of the most challenging and rewarding events for us as Algarve wedding planners and along the years we have met many fantastic couples, made many good friends, shared so many happy moments, witnessed happy tears, held hands of our brides when nerves seem to kick in but above all, we are proud of having been a small part of someone’s special moment on their Algarve wedding.

Sonho A Dois means "a dream shared by two people" and it came to life in June 2005 as a company dedicated to organize romantic events. Throughout the years, Sonho A Dois developed into wedding planning and this became our passion. As Wedding planners in the Algarve aim to deliver a high quality service, with a bespoke approach with a competent, professional, warm and enthusiastic attitude.

Our Wedding Planners team has been growing and from just Noelia and Carla, has now two more elements, who also share the passion for weddings, Vera and Sandra.

That’s why our motto will always be the same - Your dream, Our passion!!!